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BBI Healthcare’s Balance Activ Brand Plans National BV Day 2013 – Angry Birds

Survey statistics released on 16th April (the second annual National BV Day) revealed that women have a better comprehension of frivolous Hollywood perfection than they do of intimate health and infection, and it’s a knowledge gap they feel angry about.

The survey findings, which were taken from research conducted among 2,000 UK women, show that the nation is knowledgeable when it comes to discussing the intricacies of a ‘Vajazzle’ and a ‘Designer Vagina’, but when talk turns to intimate health women just don’t have the low down on down below.

The fury women feel is rooted in the disparity between their high awareness of matters that bear no resemblance to their real lives and the low comprehension they have of subjects that could impact significantly.  Of those surveyed 48% had heard of a Vajazzle, but just 2% had ever had one, and 67% were familiar with a Brazilian, yet only 13% had ever waxed in this way.  In fact just 13% of women said they incorporate Hollywood style intimate treatments into their beauty regime.  In comparison, when questioned about their knowledge of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), 61% of women were not familiar with the condition.  Just 7% of those surveyed correctly identified BV as being the most common vaginal infection.

The research, which was commissionedin March of this year, was released to coincide with National BV Day on Tuesday 16th April.  An awareness day designed to draw attention to a condition that affects one in three females in the UK, National BV Day calls for women and the media to speak more openly about vaginal health.

BV is twice as prevalent as thrush and is the most common cause of abnormal vaginal discharge.  The condition causes misery to millions because of its unpleasant and embarrassing symptoms, which include a thin, grey-white discharge and a strong fishy odour.  Crucially, because very few women in the UK know about BV, its symptoms are often confused with thrush and are incorrectly treated as such.  If left untreated BV can lead to a number of serious implications: 

  • BV can lead to an increased risk of contracting STIs, including HIV, Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia
  • Pregnant women with BV are twice as likely to have a premature birth than other women
  • It is thought that BV is responsible for one in three of all premature births in the UK
  • Pregnant women with BV are six times more likely to have a miscarriage than other women

As part of National BV Day women can access insightful videos at featuring Dr Dawn Harper explaining the key symptoms of BV, and how to treat them quickly and easily at home using lactic acid pessaries or gel.  The videos advise that BV is not a sexually transmitted disease and is not linked to poor hygiene, but is in fact a condition caused by simple changes in the pH balance of the vagina.  Advice on how to avoid the triggers that can alter these pH levels is provided in the short films, with top tips including:

  • Avoiding the use of perfumed intimate products and scented soaps
  • Avoiding excessive washing (or douching)
  • Using a condom (semen is alkaline compared to the vagina’s slightly acidic environment)

Counter staff from the UK’s leading pharmacists, including Boots, are on standby to offer confidential advice to other women who think they have, or have had, BV and who want to talk about their concerns.  A number of women who have suffered the emotional and physical consequences of BV are also sharing their advice and stories at

Commenting on the importance of raising awareness of BV among women, Dr Dawn Harper said: “Millions of women are affected by BV, but the symptoms of the condition still cause so much confusion.  With the potential to inflict not only emotional disruption, but also more serious physical health implications such as premature birth and an increased risk of contracting STI’s, the condition has a lot to answer for.  As a GP, I’m really keen to help get as much information on BV out there as possible.  National BV Day is a fantastic opportunity to help inform women of this unpleasant condition, and if this helps even just a few women to understand and correctly treat the condition it is a definite step in the right direction.”  

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April 29, 2013 Written by Robert Jones